FULLY AUTOMATED TESTINGShapeshifter Test Platform

Shapeshifter provides ultimate efficiency, flexibility, high capacity/Floor space, significant cost savings, operator free fully automated testing process.

Most electronics manufacturers have multiple test stations to execute PCB level testing in production. The Shapeshifter ™ has been developed to solve this problem. No more manual testing is needed, no more wasting floor space and or valuable time.

The Shapeshifter provides significant improvements:

  • Board level testing platform with fully automated material flow.
  • Wide range panel or PCB sizes from smallest product (multiple devices) to larger products (single unit testing possibility).
  • Efficient capacity increase with efficient material flow and testing time.
  • Test phase architecture can be based on instrument sharing and effective use as well as single device instrumentation.
  • Multiple variants for material flow solution with the idea that the same test station can be used in all.
  • Reducing your investment need by up to 30%, permanently increasing the production yield by 10%, and reducing floor space requirements by more than 25%
  • Test platform thinking: Same test core platform can be utilized for multiple product variants.
  • Customer specific adaptive test fixture with common platform.
  • Multiple test stations in one production testing cell results in scalability towards capacity demand.
  • Possibility to use one test station as a single standalone test unit. Plug and play = Integrated test instrumentation.
  • The idea is: ” Test as much as possible and as early as possible before product assembly” meaning no extra work for repair process to reduced amount of rework.

MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY AUTOMATIONShapeshifter functionality principles and applications

Our Shapeshifter solution is highly customisable.

Testing can be executed before de-panelling cell or after. The whole system works inline to avoid any extra handling movements. Less handling means less waste resulting in maximum efficiency. The Shapeshifter swaps multiple test stations for one direst flow test handler. While the Shapeshifter is busy working, side processes are automated such as periodical calibrations and maintenance activities.

Material flow us based in two possible choices:

  • Use product panels
  • Use carrier frames or test palettes to support individual devices under test

The Shapeshifter can be personalised to your needs:

  • Programming
  • Data acquisition
  • RF testing with wide range RF switching possibilities
  • Connectivity, energy management, ADC calibrations, current consumption and mustimeter measurements
  • User interface testing
  • Multi functionality test applications
  • Visual inspection and sensor technologies