Got Data? Utilise it.

Transform your production data into a powerful asset.

We offer more than just traditional automation solutions. To fully utilise everything that your company produces during the process, we offer built in data collection and integrate it into the ERP/MES systems. With our data visualisation you will be able to easily use and access the data to improve your business decisions and efficiency.

Who is looking?

  1. R&D
  2. Management
  3. Production

We work as a team. By analysing the data from different perspectives, we can ensure nothing is missed out.

It takes a few minutes from issue detection to solution.

With this approach, your data can be used as a powerful tool to holistically improve multiple areas in your business.

IMPACT OF DATAMore Data. Higher Yield.

Possibilities are endless with our analytics solution.

More control and less work 

  • The ability to access test automation systems remotely reducing the need for onsite labour and allowing flexibility in working hours. 

Evergreen usage for multiple purposes

  • Outstanding visualisations to use for marketing campaigns, promotions or sales demos to allow continuous improvement for manufacturing processes by using test automation and data collection to perform analysis 

Better Teamwork 

  • Eliminate information barriers between the production department and R&D to save time and let both works in synergy to create better solutions. 

Specific uses for data analytics

  • Statistical calibration to extend the maintenance interval
  • Top ten test faults
  • Warranty study for customer device ID history search
  • Equipment efficiency, operational efficiency
  • Shift / Team efficiency
  • Find unnecessary tests (never failed tests)
  • Production yield
  • Product versus manufacturing issue separation
  • Alarms, failure rate limits
  • Productivity / Quality targets