CLIENT INDUSTRIESHere are the 6 industries that need our services

Avalanche is operating in some of the largest markets worldwide, most of them are growing exponentially.







RECENT CASES3 High growth markets we focus on

5G Infrastructure on the rise

5G Infrastructure on the rise

The Internet of things (IoT), enhanced mobile broadband and self driving cars will require a network performance of 10 fold the current capabilities. New 5G networks will provide speeds up to 100 times faster. The market is seeking turn key solutions that we can provide. Without 5G testing there is no 5G market and we are keen on providing our 25 years of expertise in telecommunications testing. Right now, the industry is still in its infancy. For Avalanche this is the ideal opportunity to position ourselves as industry leaders. The increased need for automation in the 5G environment due to the COVID-19 crisis is further contributing to our potential.
Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

The global consumer electronics market is now close to 1 trillion dollars in value. But it’s not just the size that makes it lucrative, it is the changes within. With the rise of fitness gadgets, smart TVs and fridges, consumer electronics are now also becoming part of the IoT and just like 5G require new testing solutions. The speed of development of new consumer electronics requires the testing processes to keep up. With a growing global middle class and affordable gadgets, there is a huge shift in lifestyle taking place that makes these devices a necessity not an option. Our latest project confirms the rise in demand in this niche and we've even manifested our expert knowledge in this area even further.
Automotive Electronics

Automotive Electronics

Cars are closer to computers rather than a transportation system. That is where the opportunity lies. Failure of automobile software can be fatal. Unfortunately, we rely more on the car then ourselves today. Software is becoming more complex and car manufacturers promise more safety. The future of cars is self driving, highly sophisticated AI integrated machines. To make the car affordable to the end consumer, automated testing is a must. Especially these days, as major T1 suppliers shift their production to Europe and can't afford high labour costs for manual quality control. Same is valid for T1 suppliers in China, as labour is constantly rising there as well.


As the world is slowly moving towards digitalisation, each industry is adapting to the changes accordingly.


Complexity in hardware and software of electronic systems in automobiles are increasing every year. Software once integrated and rolled out to the consumer must be 100% functional, any error incurred during the test process leads to unnecessary cost.

Consumer Electronics

Evolving customer expectations are forcing the  industry to rethink their testing methods. The frequency of new product releases is increasing and so is the number of tests needed to ensure quality. API automation is needed to increase efficiency.

Industrial Automation

Labour costs are rising in first world countries. Especially during the COVID-19 crisis, this has become an extremely fast-moving industry with new automation technologies flooding the market on a daily basis. As a result, smart factories are coming into existence creating the industry 4.0.

Industrial Electronics

Highly sophisticated industrial machines are also becoming part of the IoT. A huge transformation is taking place in the area of power electronics such as SCRs, meters sensors or multimeters. As many of the control systems are becoming AI infused, much more tests are needed.

Life Sciences

Automation of laboratories continues to expand to reduce the costs of diagnostics. With the higher demand of speed in the field to accelerate findings in the field of pathogenic research for example, designing robust testing processes will ensure that new drugs, and health related discoveries can be brought to market faster.


Especially with 5G coming to the market, new testing solutions are needed. In an extremely saturated and highly competitive market, companies are looking for the most efficient way to bring new technology to the customer first.