ALL TOGETHER AS A TEAMMore than 130 years of testing and tuning experience!

We have been active in the automatic testing of mobile devices since the 1990s. As pioneers in the industry we started with a team full of world class competencies.

Ever since, we have delivered semi-automatic and automatic testing services to our customers in different industries. Our software enables us to extensively improve our automation solutions.

More than 1000 individual test units have been delivered to global telecommunication companies during 90’s up until 2016 by us.

Right now, our latest technological innovation is a fully automated “No-touch” production line for PCB level testing. We are experts in the field of designing “One-in-All” type of test mechanics for PCB and UI level systems for different industries and technical requirements.

Here are just some of our achievements as a team of experts in automation:

  • Designed multiple test platforms for telecommunication manufacturing companies including programming, RF tuning and alignment, BaseBand measurement, UI level test and customer variation solutions.
  • Designed a testing/flashing software platform on a corporation wide level ranging from 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation.
  • Implemented manufacturing executing systems which could handle massive amounts of products and data. Serving massive amount of tester’s service request in Giga size factories.
  • Previous automation projects showed a 30% reduction in investment needs, 20% higher savings leaving room for higher pricing, 10% production increase by eliminating interruptions, and a reduction of required floor space by at least 25% for maximum floor space ulitisation.
  • Designed efficient API’s between Automation tester software and ERP/MES system software to handle complex end product variants. New product ramp-up times got significantly faster.
  • Implement data visualizations and metrics to production and R&D along with designing and implementation of a statistical calibration system.
  • Built software integrations and ramped up Nokia testing systems and MES into several CEM’s.