FULLY AUTOMATED TESTINGEvery minute counts. More throughput, more yield, more revenue. This is our pledge to you.

By increasing process speed with Avalanche Shapeshifter™, using automatic calibration as well as driving the utilisation rate of expensive measurement devices up to 100%, we are giving you the service needed to take your business to the next level.

CORE COMPETENCIESAvalanche specialises in three key areas of testing



In the present time, the need to fully automate testing is higher than ever before. The automation of testing creates less to no dependency on manual labour. Global crisis then, can have no devastating effect on your production capabilities. Our patented software testing technology works with the latest technology to offer the best results.


Utilising the information from the enormous amount of data collected in the automated testing process is often overlooked. Avalanche puts much emphasis in collecting the data and crafting personalised solutions accordingly. With an experienced In house R&D team avalanche carries out in depth analysis with the highest accuracy.
Turnkey Solution


Your project might be highly complex but we are confident that we can figure out a solution that gets the job done. Building customised solutions is a challenge that our team is always ready to take on. We pride ourselves in delivering desired results for large multinational companies. From telecommunication and electronics manufacturers to industrial conglomerates.

AVALANCHE ALL-IN-ONEThe only All - In - One Test system

Avalanche ALL-IN-ONE offers you extensive time & cost savings bringing significant return of investment.

Reduction test time

Decrease test time significantly to increase output.

Highest utilisation

A utilisation rate of 40% is history. We are now looking at a utilisation rate of up to 95% to significantly reduce investment.

Lower BoM

Saving on unnecessary costs of material saves space and time.

Multiple Testing

Fully automated testing that eliminates the need for separate processes and eliminates human error for ultimate efficiency.

CORE INDUSTRIES3 High growth markets we focus on

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